30 Things Learned, 30 Years Earned

So, I recently turned 3-0 (yahoooo!) and it has made me look back at my life. I think I did pretty damn well, don’t you think? ;p A husband and two kids later, I think I’ve learned (I THINK! LOL) some pretty useful life lessons. From prayers to skincare, I’ve gathered a few insights from my 30 years of existence. Let me share them with you!

#1 – Pray

Never underestimate the power of prayer! It’s food for the soul. I always make it a point to pray for anything that happens in my life—good or bad. A simple “Thank you, Lord!” is a prayer!

#2 – Listen to your parents


It’s true! They are always right! Most of the best decisions I’ve made were because I listened to mine!

#3 – Family First

Moments spent with family are moments you will NEVER regret! As I grew older, I realized most of the memories I cherish now are those moments I spent with family, which I will treasure for the rest of my life.

#4 – Choose a right partner


I cannot express enough how lucky I am to have met my husband at the right place and at the right time. Marriage is never easy. It can be, however, extremely fun if you choose the right partner. Your choice of mate will define the rest of your adult life.

#5 – Make time for your friends

As an only child, I’ve managed to make a few friends “family”. As we grew older, we’ve created a special bond that we know will last forever. But sometimes, “adulting” can take a toll on friendships. “Busy” is not an excuse, you know! Be it through a simple message, or a monthly lunch date, always make time for people you love.Grace_Ben_WX128.jpg

#6 – Be generous

Always give more than expected. Go ahead and be a blessing to others!

#7 – Be kind

Always take the high road, be kind to others. If they screw with you, then that’s their problem, not yours! ;p

#8 – Smile! 🙂

It brightens up everyone’s day — more importantly, YOURS! A positive outlook attracts positive results. Let go of negativity and smile at everything and everyone that comes your way!

#9 – Take that leap of faith

Grace_Ben_EX094Sometimes, the best decisions take more guts than usual. It is also usually the most rewarding. Those “I can’t believe I did that!” moments are the best stories to tell!

#10 – Learn when to say “No”

Always know your limit. One sign of true maturity is when you learn when to set your limit. Saying “No” doesn’t always mean negative. It also reveals one’s wisdom.

#11 – Never stop learning…

Learn at least one thing every day. Learning never stops.

#12 – …and learn how to teach

One of the best ways to touch someone’s life is to teach them.

#13 – Respect the irony of life

Life can sometimes be boring if you don’t contradict yourself. Embrace the twist and humor that life brings!

#14 – Quality > Quantity

…in EVERYTHING. And I mean when it comes to something as important as friendship to something as random as a bottle of wine!

#15 – Take care of your body


Seriously, start as early as you can. When you get older and everything goes south, you’re going to thank yourself! Eat right, exercise and….

#16 – SLEEP

My husband knows I take sleeping seriously! I make it a point to sleep an average of 8 hours at night. I even sometimes take naps with the kids! Sleeping may be one of the healthiest exercises you can do for yourself. Sadly, it’s also one of the most neglected habits. I cannot stress enough how important sleep is for a sound mind and body!

#17 – Learn how to cook

This is for survival, really. Please learn how to feed yourself!

#18 – Keep a beauty regimen

…and stick to it! Growing up, I was one of those teenage girls who were too lazy to even wash my face before going to bed. How I regret it! I’m now 30 and only starting to invest on skincare! Truthfully, it has been my latest obsession. It’s never too late!

#19 – Make up or Break up

Make up can either make or break your pretty face! Always, ALWAYS use it wisely! I see a lot of young women piling on make up after make up on their young, fresh faces and boy, will they regret it when they see their photos in a few years!

#20 – Own your signature style…


As Ralph Lauren once said, “Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.” You know you’ve done something right when you hear people say, “That is so you!”

#21 – …But don’t be afraid to experiment on trends

There are just moments when you just have to try! But choose wisely! Go for trends that are still YOU!

#22 – Be Original

I know this is so cliché, but please, don’t copy + paste! Be yourself, that’s the only way you can shine! You only live once, why waste your life being someone else?

#23 – Invest on a family heirloom

Nothing is classier than a piece of heirloom passed on from generation to generation. Be it a piece of jewelry, timepiece, or painting, make sure to invest in a classic piece that will be enjoyed by the generations to come!

#24 – Know when to splurge vs save

The real cost of a dress (or anything, really) is the price you paid divided by the times you actually wore it. Sometimes a cheap piece of clothing can cost your more than an expensive but sensible one.

#25 – Invest on that go-to Little Black Dress

I only have one staple LBD in my closet that has been with me for almost a decade (again, quality!). And that piece will stay in my closet for the rest of my life.

PS: It’s also a good motivation to keep myself in shape! ;p

#26 – Know your height limit


There are just these gifted girls who can just strut their stuff with sky-high stilettos. Then there’s me. I cannot even count how many times I have stumbled and fallen trying to wear those deadly weapons. Sure, they’re sexy to look at, but believe me, you won’t feel so sexy once you’ve fallen from grace!

#27 – Know your brands

I started my love affair with bags when I was in college and it’s still the longest relationship I ‘ve had to date. There were, however, a few brands I have broken up with. These are the brands that didn’t endure the test of time. Some bags really don’t age gracefully!

#28 – Organize

…EVERYTHING—from your schedule to your closet. Time is gold. And time spent on chaos is time wasted. Speaking of time…

#29 – Spend your time wisely


It’s the only thing we cannot delete nor ignore. If you must waste it, waste it on moments you will not regret with people you will never forget.

#30 – Life is simple

It’s either a yes or no. No maybe’s. Please don’t complicate it! ;p

Cheers to 30 more years!!!Grace_Ben_E019

Here’s to being THIRTY, FLIRTY & THRIVING! ;P

*Photos by Metrophoto


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