Halloween with the DONUTS: A Fright Feast

It’s Bella’s first Halloween! And since we were unable to go trick or treating over the weekend, we decided to throw our very own fright fest!

It’s always fun to dress up the kids in their costumes! (costumes from Childrensalon.com)

IMG_8226Lucas as Woody

IMG_8227Bella as Jessie

My husband, Ben, was in charge of the decorating committee ( I know, how very Monica of me ;p). And I have to say, he did an amazing job! IMG_8231

He even improvised this Stranger Things decor to fill our blank wall! 🙂 Then he decorated our ladder bookshelf with pumpkin lights and scary figurine (both from S&R) for added effect!

IMG_8298.JPGThese pumpkin lights are just perfect!

IMG_8295The event poster on the main door just made it so official!

IMG_8296Skeleton and balloons by the foyer

IMG_8301Matryoshka-ish pumpkins 🙂

IMG_8302Creepy masks in the bathroom to spook our guests while they mind their business ;p

We also made sure to set the mood with our Halloween Party playlist! Thanks, Spotify!

IMG_8299A party wouldn’t be a party without music!

I, on the other hand, was in charge of (Ofcourse!) the food committee! For easy and yummy snacks, we served some popcorn, pizza and nachos with salsa. This spread actually gave me more time to prepare our dinner!

img_8300.jpgPopcorn and Chips are always the easiest to serve!

IMG_8294.JPGOur Halloween wouldn’t be complete without these Krispy Kreme Halloween DONUTS! ;p

We also requested our mommy friends to prepare some treats for our trick or treat. How the kids loved going around our little home to claim their goodies!

IMG_8293Treats for both the kids and the kids at heart! ;p

IMG_8297Huge loot bags to fill! Good thing we were prepared!

Dinner was served! Our guests enjoyed our Home-made Lasagna, Garlic Parmesan Wings and ofcourse, our very own Moist Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.

IMG_8260One of the kids helped me decorate this yummy treat! 🙂

This is surely one for the books and we are definitely keeping this tradition!

img_8228.jpgFamily Forever! ❤

Here’s a short video of the whole festivity! ;p


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