18 Goals for 2018

After that new year’s kiss and a loooong holiday coma (maybe too long!! LOL), it’s finally time to stop procrastinating and set my goals for this year!

#1 – Organize

Ok, I know it’s difficult (or impossible!) to keep a tidy home with an infant and a toddler running around. But I’m sure it will be so much more convenient to know exactly where to find that sketchpad once Lucas gets a hold of that marker!

#2 – Re-decorate the kids’ playroom


I’m not going to lie—the kids’ playroom is a mess! There are countless toys in every corner and endless writings on the wall (again, how important is that piece of paper??!!). There’s a need for some serious overhaul, and I am sooo ready to put on that overalls and start working!

#3 – Learn how to DIY

I am such a sucker for personalized stuff and I am looking for some projects I can do for our home! This can be even more exciting if shared with the whole fambam!

#4 – Explore a new hobby

Now that my babies are getting older (huhu not too fast please!), I’m on a hunt for more things that I can teach them in years to come! And also, of course, I need some new me-time activities I can enjoy while I am on mommy pause.

#5 – Learn a new language

Part of the new things I want to learn this year is to learn a new language! It would be so much fun to teach the kids something they can use to connect to the world!

#6 – See the world

I plan on making 2018 a travel-filled year! Traveling is one of our most effective family bonding activity and I can’t wait to fill our calendar with lots of it this year!

#7 – Explore the country

IMG_8445.JPGDear husband, I hereby approve of impulse roadtrips and random flight bookings!

#8 – Support local

It’s time to go back to our roots and appreciate Filipino talent! Before marriage and kids, I was a fashion designer for almost 10 years (I still have that fashion girl in me!) and it exposed me to many many local talents. Raising my babies to be surrounded with great art in all forms is a dream!

#9 – Read more


I know I always encourage my kids to read, and now it’s time to encourage myself to read more, too! This year, I promise to read at least a book for each month!

#10 = Learn new recipes


My Lucas absolutely LOVES to eat (I swear he eats 24/7!) and my little Bella is starting to eat more. So now it’s time to add more kid-friendly recipes to my book!

PS: I especially have this new thing for recipes that I can serve Lucas and puree for Bella! ;p More of this soon!!

#11 – Eat well

This year, I promise to fill my mommy tummy with nothing but great food that are absolutely worth the calories! My husband and I are total foodies and I cannot wait to visit (and re-visit!) some of the best restaurants the world has to offer! :p

#12 – Exercise more

Ofcourse this happens after talking about food! I definitely need to keep myself fit for that cute bikini I’m planning to wear all summer, and most especially for carrying my babies (Yes, the goal here is to be able to carry them both at the same time!).

#13 – Expand a pocket-friendly but still fashionable mommy-friendly wardrobe


I am, admittedly, not the best saver! So my challenge for myself this year is to save more on my mommy clothes and start exploring for affordable (but still, quality) brands to fill my closet!

#14 – Stick to a beauty regimen


Since I just turned 30 (gosh!!), I am going to take skincare seriously! I see that the most effective way to age GRACEfully is to PREVENT! So I am in search of the best products to put on my mommy face!

#15 – Plan fun date nights with the husband


Our week mostly consists of work and kids that sometimes it’s quite hard to have some quality time. So this year, my husband and I are gearing up for more exciting nights!

#16 – Discover new fun-filled family activities


The kids getting older means we’re all set to start looking for exciting family activities that we can all enjoy! Time to make parenting a little more exciting!

#17 – Start a new tradition

It’s time to introduce a new family tradition we can treasure with the kids forever!

#18 – Capture priceless moments

Time goes by so fast! Lucas is suddenly a toddler and Bella is turning 1 this year. Sometimes, I do miss those newborn moments and looking back at photos and videos is one of my favorite pastimes. Since we have so much stuff planned this year, it’s most important I take the time to capture every moment!


Thank you 2017, you were awesome!

Now it’s time to go nuts and welcome 2018!

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